Cherub Antiques Gallery : Antique Cocktail Shakers, Nouveau, Deco, Washington DC
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English Arts & Crafts Silver Shot Glasses
Figural Shaker Form Cocktail Recipe Stand
Bakelite Dice Cocktail Picks with Holder
Webster Crystal and Silver Cocktail Mixer and Shaker
Art Deco Rooster Bakelite Cherries Cocktail Picks
Modernist Art Deco Cocktail Mixer
Cartier Silver Mini Pitcher Jigger
Sterling Silver Rooster Cocktail Picks
Tipsy Elephants Cocktail Jigger
French Chef Art Deco Cocktail Picks Set
Crocodile Bound Diary Whisky Flask
Brooks Brothers Bakelite Cherries Cocktail Picks
Art Deco Reverse Painted Cocktail Tray
Kalo Silver Arts & Crafts Cocktail Spoon
Brass Wishing Well Cocktail Picks Set
Art Deco Mechanical Jigger
"Wonder Bar" Cocktail Picks Set
Golf Clubs Cocktail Picks Set