Cherub Antiques Gallery : Antique Cocktail Shakers, Nouveau, Deco, Washington DC
George III Silver and Hard Stone Snuff Box
Figural Rooster-Top Cocktail Shaker
English Art Nouveau Copper and Iron Fire Screen
English Staghorn and Silver Magnifier
Edwardian English Silver Whistle
English Silver Art Nouveau Frame
Golf Club Cocktail Stirrer
Charles Horner Art Nouveau Enamel Pendant
Orivit Art Nouveau Pewter and Wood Tray
WMF Art Nouveau Maiden Double Photo Frame
Bakelite Cherry Picks Holder and Jigger
Antique Crocodile Whisky Flask
WMF Art Nouveau Figural Sweetmeat Stand
Cartier Silver Bucket Jigger
American Silver Candle Snuffer
Alphonse La Paglia Silver Candlesticks
Original Napier Recipe Cocktail Shaker
Charles Horner Art Nouveau Silver and Enamel Pendant