Cherub Antiques Gallery : Antique Cocktail Shakers, Nouveau, Deco, Washington DC
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Richard Rohac Bronze Swan Bottle Opener
Hagenauer Carved Wood African Bust
Chiparus Bronze, "Young Pipes Player"
A. Titze Bronze, Boy with Apple
Marcel Guillard Pottery Nymph and Faun
Hagenauer Horse-and-Rider Bookends
Antique Bronze, "The Gooseman's Fountain"
Hans Keck Bronze Dutch Boy
Rudolph Kaesbach Bronze, Girl with Jug
"Le Travail" Bronze, Maurice Constant
Vienna Bronze Dachshunds, Male and Female
Austrian Bronze Circus Dog
Art Nouveau Bronze Wax Seal
Gilded Bronze and Marble Urn
Art Nouveau Gilded Bronze Letter Opener
Bronze Boy with Rabbit Letter Opener
Antique Gilded Bronze Photo Frame
Antique Gilded Bronze Photo Frame